10 High Calorie Fast Food Drinks

September 10, 2011

Fast food burgers, sandwiches, and fries are not the only high calorie offenders at these restaurants.  Many of the drinks are loaded with calories (many from fat), some are more than half of your daily caloric intake (1800-2000 calories).  If you are craving a shake, margarita, or even sweet tea, make them at home.  You are more likely to ingest fewer calories this way.  Here are the top 10 beverage offenders:

White Castle Chocolate Shake: 1350 Calories

Wendy's Caramel Frosty Shakes: 1020 Calories

Burger King's Strawberry Shake: 930 Calories

Applebee's Decadent Shakes: 890-940 Calories

Red Lobster's Lobsterita: 890 Calories

Dunkin Donuts' Vanilla Bean Colatta: 860 Calories

Carl's Jr. Oreo Cookie Hand Scooped Ice Cream Malt: 790 Calories

Jamba Juice's Peanut Buttter Moo'd: 770 Calories

Daity Queen's Strawberry Lemonade Chiller: 740 Calories

Subway Sweetened Tea: 310-620 Calories

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