2 Examples of Truly Horrible Parents

September 13, 2011

Unfortunately, examples of horrible parenting are abundant. Here are two examples from recent news reports. 

1. Vegan Couple Gets Life in Baby's Death: Jade Sanders and Lamont Thomas brought their son, Crown Shakur, to the hospital in 2004 with breathing problems. Doctors saw immediately that he was severely malnourished, but could not save his life. He weighted 3.5 pounds at the time of his death. An autopsy determined he died from starvation. The parents defended their actions, claiming they fed him soy milk and apple juice in accordance with their vegan lifestyle. After searching their apartment, police officers found the soy milk bottles warned it should not be used as a substitute for baby formula. Both parents claimed to not recognize how dire the situation was, "I loved my son—and I did not starve him," Sanders said. 

2. Baby Suckles Directly From Cow: An 18-month boy from Cambodia has taken to feeding himself by suckling directly from a cow, after his parents left to find work in Thailand. The baby's grandfather said he tried to move the boy, but the infant would not stop crying without nursing from the cow. The man said the boy only suckles once a day now and remains in excellent health. Local villagers object to the practice. 

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