Wheatless Wednesday: Best Beef Stew Recipes

September 14, 2011

One of autumn and winter's most comforting meals, beef stew can be as simple or complex as you can imagine! From a slow cooker version made in the crockpot to Julia Child's famous Boeuf Bourguignon, beef stew comes in so many different varieties and variations, let your imagination run wild! Even better, you can make this on a weekend and freeze it in batches to defrost on a whim. Here are 5 of my favorite recipes, all gluten & dairy free, for this hearty comfort food to keep you warm and cozy until well after Christmas.

Tip: Add 1 Tbsp of cocoa powder to your next batch of stew or chili for an unbelievable flavor boost!

Note: Most of the recipes call for Worcestshire sauce -- not all brands are gluten free, but Lea & Perrins is!

Beef Stew with Fennel
Crisp, refreshing fennel has met its match with this fall favorite.

Chile Con Carne - Texas Beef Stew
One of my all time favorites! Don't let the long ingredient list fool you, it's all one-stop-shopping at your local Mexican market or online. Remember to use gluten free beer or substitute more stock for this recipe.

Oven Baked Stew
Brown, bake, toss in veggies, bake some more - what could be simpler?!

Parker's Beef Stew
This recipes struck me as a spin off of Boeuf Bourguignon without all of the work! Again, remember to use gluten free flour to brown your meat!

Moroccan Beef Stew with Apricots & Raisins
A little sweet, spicy, salty - all the best aspects of Moroccan & North African cuisine in one satisfying (and cheap!) meal.

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