Justin Bieber Cheese Portrait

September 24, 2011

Primula cheese company seems to have had some extra brie lying around and someone at the British company thought it would be a great idea to use the cheese spread to make a portrait of Justin Bieber.

Suitably titled "Brie-ber," food artist Faye Halliday made this, among many other celebrity cheese portraits, including the "Barack Edam-a," "Marilyn Mon-zarella" and "Boris Jarlsberg."

“We’ve always known how versatile Primula Cheese spreads are, which is why our products are much loved by consumers across the country. This gave us some food for thought, so we decided to really put its versatility to the test and have a bit of fun with our Primula celeb portraits,” said Marketing Director at Primula, Craig Brooks. “And what better time to share the amazing results than at the start of British Cheese Week. We’re sure that consumers will agree that they’re a very ‘gouda’ likeness to the celebrities!”


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