Easy Mediterranean-style Fish Stew

May 30, 2013

This delicious Mediterranean-style fish stew recipe is perfect for any season. It can be easily prepared in about 15 minutes and you only need one pan, so clean up is a cinch! Watch chef Marco Pierre White as he prepares this tasty dish (transcription provided below).

Chunky fish stew Mediterranean-style, very easy, very simple, very quick, 10/15 minutes. Few ingredients: fish, prawns, snapper, salmon, cod. If you can’t get those use other fish.  Knorr fish stockpot, sweet paprika, saffron, tomato juice diluted with water, equal quantities, a bit of flour, a bit of butter, vegetable garnish, carrots and celery. They’ve been blanched for 60 seconds, very quickly and at the end you just sprinkle them on, just shake them in and the dish will heat them up, so you don’t need two pans.  This is a one-pan dish, a little nob of butter in the pan.  So while that’s melting, some olive oil, sweet paprika, some salmon, just mix it all in, just let that marinate.  So while you’re making your sauce, the fish is marinating.  The saffron and paprika is to your palate.  You don’t like saffron, leave it out.  Just take the concept of the dish.  A little thyme in our fish, add the flour, and as you see, we’re making a basic rue but very light.  See here, so I’m dissolving the rue with the juice and the water.  Then we take our Knorr stockpot and this is our base for the stew.  The beauty of stockpots whether its fish, chicken, beef, is you don’t have to just dilute them with water.  You can use fruit juices, for example tomato juice, carrot juice, prune juice, apple juice.  So they’re very versatile and very clever.

So there we have it, our fish has been marinated in the olive oil with the saffron and the paprika and the thyme.  And now we take our fish, and the beauty of this method is when you poach your fish, all the flavors of the fish, all the goodness is retained in the sauce and then you have the marinade, the saffron, the paprika, the thyme, the olive oil.  It’s all in there.  Just poach it gently for two and a half/three minutes.  A little chopped fresh basil, work it into the sauce and take our vegetables and there we have our fish stew in 10/15 minutes.  Slide it into our serving dish.  It’s a fantastic way of presenting a fish stew in a tagine dish.  If you think of all the Mediterranean flavors we have, we have tomato, we have paprika, we have saffron, we have basil. When you think you’ve got dinner in less than 15 minutes.