Doritos Creator Arch West Dies at 97

September 26, 2011

Retired Doritos marketing executive Arch West, credited as the man behind the first successful national tortilla chip brand, passed away in Texas from natural causes at the age of 97. 

West died at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. His family plans to toss "Doritos chips in before they put the dirt over the urn" at his funeral service, ensuring he will be buried with his most famous legacy. In 1961, while working as the marketing vice president at Frito Lay, West was inspired by a stand in San Diego that was selling fried tortilla chips. Though his company was skeptical initially, West earned enough support to roll out the brand in Dallas. 

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lynn @ the actor's diet's picture

how weird - i just posted a link to a "healthier quinoa dorito" today

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The Dorito's They sell today would not have ever been on his diet .

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M S G ,.....sodium acetate,artificial color( 40,blue1,yellow5)sodium caseinate , disodium phosphate,....