Cooking with Coffee - 5 Mouth Watering Gluten Free Recipes

September 29, 2011

Coffee is one of my favorite foods and flavors. From chocolate covered beans to a steaming cup of freshly brewed drip, I love it all -- so it only seems natural that I love cooking with coffee. Whether coffee is a spice or a seasoning or just a flavor additive, the roasty-sweet flavor enhances braised and stewed meats, brings out the sweetness of other spices (cinnamon and cardamom, for example) and adds a rich depth to chocolate and other desserts. Here are 5 of my favorite coffee-based recipes, both sweet and savory, to inspire and delight your sense. All naturally gluten free, these recipes are absolutely a must try! Happy National Coffee Day!

Coffee Cardamom Chicken 
Aromatic cardamom, nutty-smoky coffee and fresh lime combine in this dish for amazing results!  Dairy free.

Coffee Braised Pork Tacos
This amazing recipe comes straight from a traditional Taqueria to your kitchen. Dairy free.

Coffee & Garlic Roast Beef
A perfect slow cooker/crockpot recipe for cooler weather. What could be easiser -- or more delicious?! Dairy free.

Walnut Coffee Frappe
Usually you think of coffee + hazelnut or almond, right? Well let me tell you, walnuts make an incredible choice! 

Cafe Con Leche from Old San Juan
A classic recipe, perfect for a rainy day afternoon.

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