Study Says MasterChef is Good for Kids

October 5, 2011

A study was conducted at an elementary school in Australia to see how watching cooking shows can influence kids' eating habits. The study found that shows like MasterChef are a a good influence on kids, giving them a greater knowledge of ingredients.

"We found that kids were talking about food techniques in the playground and it's knowledge like this that can make them more confident about cooking," said Clare Phillips of the Discipline of Public Health at Flinders University. "The program has raised the profile of cooking - it's emerged from being a domestic chore to something quite exciting. It's broadened the children's vocabulary around food, it's ignited their imagination and it's got them talking about food with their parents."

Phillips said that this influence doesn't necessarily mean that kids will eat healthier, but it is a great "first step."

The study was conducted because children in Australia aged 9 to 12 are watching MasterChef in large numbers. The show has even knocked The Simpsons from the top spot.

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