Jose Andres Expands Internationally

October 6, 2011

2011 James Beard Outstanding Chef Award winner Jose Andres will open his first restaurant outside the United States at the Dorado Beach resort in Puerto Rico. The restaurant, currently unnamed, is scheduled to open in December 2012. 

Andres plans to combine local flavors with haute cuisine for this new dining experience. "Dorado Beach reminds me of my youth in Asturias – an astonishing mix of breathtaking scenery, remarkable history and delicious flavors,” said Andrés. “My vision is to create a menu that tells the story of this fascinating region and its diverse cultures and influences and features a unique blend of quality ingredients, rich with the flavors of the island.”

American, Spanish and Puerto Rican flavors will also influence the food at the new restaurant. There will be a lively "Rum Bar." 

The resort is part of the The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.


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