Michelle Obama Takes Secret Shopping Trips

October 13, 2011

Well, the secret's out. First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama makes secret, unannounced trips to stores for shopping quite frequently, she told Al Roker of the Today Show. Obama caused quite the stir when she was photographed shopping inside a Target store in early October. 

Roker asked if that trip was common and Obama said she had made a number of unannounced trips. Mostly, she goes unrecognized "at Starbuck's or Chipotle" because people don't expect to see her there. The First Lady also cited a trip she made to Petco with Bo where she went unrecognized by everyone in the store, including the cashier (until he looked at the credit card information). 

Obama says the trips help to maintain a sense of normalcy. We'll see if she's able to keep them up. 

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