Meatless Monday: 5 Gluten Free Greek Recipes To Try

October 17, 2011

Greek food is extremely high on my list of "all time favorite" ethnic cuisines! While it can be a little seafood heavy, the combination of fresh ingredients and simple cooking methods makes Greek cuisine my favorite for at-home cooking! Here is a collection of my 5 favorite gluten free and vegetarian/vegan Greek recipes!

Dolmades - Stuffed Grape Leaves
My all time favorite appetizer! Grape leaves are stuffed with a mixture of spices and rice for a delicious starter or side dish! Serve chilled or warm. (Seen above.)

Avgolemono Soup
This classic lemon and rice soup is perfect for cooler weather! Use your choice of homemade vegetable stock or chicken broth for a hearty base.

Greek Lentil Soup
With roasted peppers, feta cheese and protein-packed lentils, this hearty soup is a delicious starter or entree!

Greek Eggplant Dip
This classic "dip" can also be used as a straight up condiment, spread on sandwiches, or mixed with more olive oil for a super rich salad dressing!

Skordalia - Beet Salad with Garlic Sauce
Roasted beets make for an incredible autumn salad! Topped off with this rich and creamy garlic sauce and you'll immediately be swept off your feet!

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