Alison Sweeney Shares her Diet Secrets

October 18, 2011

Alison Sweeney is currently featured in Shape Magazine and shared the snacks she loves that also help her maintain her weight.

Almonds: “Almonds are an easy snack to keep in my purse or my car,” the Biggest Loser host says. “They are delicious too.”

Yoplait Light: “I have to be at work at 6 a.m., so four hours later, I swap out an unhealthy sweet for a Yoplait Light which is satisfyingly yummy but a healthy alternative to a morning blueberry muffin,” Sweeney says.

Bell Peppers: Instead of turning to unhealthy snacks like chips, the Days of Our Lives actress munches on thinly sliced pieces of bell peppers. "I love the tangy flavor!"

Apples: “I like to keep apples handy to cut up in a salad or use to cook with,” Sweeney says.

Avocados: “I joke that I could add avocado to any meal, but it's sort of true!” she says. “I think avocados go with everything (except dessert). It's a really healthy fat, so I swap out avocado in my salad instead of oil.”

Salads: “I make all kinds of salads—usually with whatever ingredients are available,” Sweeney says.  “With dinner I don't add a protein, but at lunch I'll make a salad and include last night's leftover salmon or grilled shrimp.”

Water: “In general it's so important to drink water—and if I keep drinking it, I'm less likely to munch on unnecessary calories."

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