Spooky Graveyard Cupcakes

October 18, 2011

These spooky graveyard cupcakes are the perfect Halloween treat to make with your kids.  You can make the cupcakes from scratch or use a little help from the store and buy the boxed cake mix.  The key to this recipe is to have fun with it.  Use your imagination to decorate.  Buy gummy worms, pumpkin candies and spiders, or simply crumble up cookies to resemble dirt.  This is a great Halloween activity to get you and your kids into the Halloween spirit.

Graveyard Cupcakes
From Emily's Kitchen


1 box chocolate cake mix (if you want to go the “easy” route… feel free to make the batter from scratch as well)
Chocolate or Vanilla frosting – made from scratch, or store-bought.
Sandwich cookie crumbs OR chocolate sprinkles for graveyard “dirt”
Cookies such as Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies or something similar with a rounded shape
Icing to write on the tombstones with – preferably black .


There’s really no step-by-step directions to give. Just make the cupcakes, ice them, and use your imagination. I personally went with both the “grass” made with food coloring and green jimmies and the “dirt”  with cake/cookie crumbs (also can be done with jimmies). I broke the cookies in half and decorated the tombstone with RIP.  Forfun I used both chocolate and white icing.

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