Julianne Hough Shares her Food Indulgences

October 19, 2011

Julianne Hough stars in the remake of Footloose and while she is on her promotional tour, everyone wants to know how the dancer/singer/actress stays in shape. Instead, Hough wanted to tell the world about the types of foods she likes to indulge in.

"Anything bread. Pizza Dough. My favorite restaurant is La Lanterna di Vittorio in NYC. I took a picture of it so I will always remember it. It has amazing pizza and the best dessert - a Nutella pizza!"

When it comes to helping curb her cravings, Hough turns towards a piece of gum and water.

"I will chew gum. That worked for a while until it started to hurt my stomach," Hough said. "I also drink water to fill up."

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