Wine Made from Asparagus is a Curious Concoction

April 29, 2012

There is a lot of talk about asparagus being difficult to pair with wine, so maybe the solution is to make wine from asparagus? While perusing the varying opinions on wine and asparagus, I came across an item on about a Shelby, Michigan, business, Fox Barn Market & Winery, making asparagus wine. As reported in the article, the wine came about when co-owner Kellie Fox was prompted (dared?) by her husband, Todd. Kellie explained, "He brought home a tub of mashed asparagus and said, `Do something with this.' So I added water and sugar and yeast, and it started fermenting."

The resulting wine, according to Kellie, was clear, slightly sweet, with a mild asparagus aroma.

Would you be willing to try a wine made from asparagus? While I find many dry white wines like Sauvignon Blanc to be a fine match with this delicious vegetable, I'd take the plunge. I hope they are still making it this year!

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Karin's picture

Does asparagus wine make your pee stink?

Jameson Fink's picture


I had not thought of that. I do plan on ordering a bottle when the farm re-opens for the season. It might fall under the category of TMI, but happy to report back.