Weird Wednesday: Today's Must-Reads

October 19, 2011

Happy Weird Wednesday! Let's dive into this week's links:

Two infographics kick off this roundup. The first examines what it takes to get hired at Google. The second takes a closer look at fast casual dining, including the top chains (Chipotle, Baja Fresh, Panera and Panda Express are among the leaders), statistics and financial numbers. [Nowsourcing]

Competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi puts away 32 eggs in a minute, followed by a gallon of milk in a minute. This isn't Kobayashi's first stint at milk-chugging (I wrote about him doing so in 18 seconds in September), but it was his first time eating eggs competitively. We're glad we weren't around for the aftereffects of all that dairy. [Huffington Post]

Zach Golden, the blogger behind the recipe site "What the F#*k Should I Make for Dinner," has just inked a cookbook deal. [Huffington Post]

Fitness trainer Drew Manning has gained 70 pounds over the past five months -- on purpose -- to become obese. In four weeks, he'll take another six months to work it all off. He says he's doing the stunt to understand how hard it is to be overweight, adding, "The biggest thing I've learned is how intense and how real these food cravings are." [Yahoo! Shine]

Learn cooking techniques from Jacques Pepin himself. [The New York Times]

Want to psych yourself into making all your meals at home for awhile? In this thread, former food service workers dish on the unsanitary, horrific or unethical practices at their establishments. [Reddit]

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