Jessica Capshaw Serves Eco-Friendly Menu at Cocktail Party

October 22, 2011

Jessica Capshaw recently threw a cocktail party in her SoCal backyard and served an eco-friendly menu to her guests.

The menu was a mix of fall flavors that also have health benefits. The Grey's Anatomy actress served dishes such as shrimp and grit cakes, parsnip-leek soup and lump crab, turkey meatballs with sage and cranberries, goat cheese stuffed peppadews, and a speaks sparkler cocktail.

SELF Magazine was invited to Capshaw's party to cover how the actress is going green, and Capshaw told readers about her holiday food favorites and her every-day eating habits.

"I can always justify an extra serving of cheese, dip or cookies this time of year—come on, it's the holidays!" Capshaw said. "Last November, I had just had my daughter, Eve, and while I meant to be getting back to my usual shape, I ended up heading the other way. I found myself in January bemoaning my holiday indulgences. This year is all about enjoying the yummy food in a more mindful way."

It has been her husband, Christopher Gavigan, who has influenced Capshaw to go green.

"Christopher is completely in the know about all things green, and we're very conscious of what we eat," she says. "I always go organic and local when I can. But that doesn't mean sacrificing taste or merriment."

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