Homemade Lucky Charms Marshmallows - Gluten Free + Dairy Free

November 9, 2011

If you're like most of us (and by us I mean commercial cereal eaters everywhere) then you still channel your inner child when it comes to cereal -- we're in it for the prize. Whether the prize is a lick stick-on tattoo at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box or a decoder ring to avoid certain doom, we have all been guilty of sifting through the box for the "good bits" -- and for Lucky Charms, we're talking about marshmallows. 

Remember this? "Hearts, stars and horeshoes, clovers and blue moons! Pots of gold and rainbows, and me red balloons!"

(And if you didn't have the jingle stuck in your head before, you will now! Muahaha!) 

Unlike most other marshmallows on the market, Lucky Charms and Swiss Miss marshmallows share a unique quality: they're crunchy. No soft, gooey pillows here -- just crunchy, sugary goodness. When I was in college a kid, I always imagined that they were freeze dried or dehydrated to have a longer shelf life. While this may or may not be the case (I'm not up on the latest in commercial cereal practices, I'm sorry!), they aren't super difficult to produce at home! So if you want more marshmallows in your cereal or hate the naked cheerio-like bits (and your 3D printer is broken so you can't make your very own Cereal Sifter), I've got just the recipe for you!

BraveTart Presents: Gluten Free& Milk/Dairy Free Crispy Cereal Marshmallows

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