Chocolate Nutter Butter Reindeer Cookies

December 3, 2011

These chocolate Nutter Butter reindeer cookies are sure to get Santa to visit on Christmas Eve.  They are a simple treat that are totally delicious.  This recipe recommends using chocolate almond bark for the coating of the cookies but your favorite milk or dark chocolate will also do.  If you are a fan of white chocolate, this same technique can be applied to making Nutter Butter snowmen.

Chocolate Nutter Butter Reindeer Cookies


A package of Nutter Butter cookies
Chocolate almond bark
Red, white, and black gel frosting
Mini Pretzels
Red hots (as an alternative to the gel frosting for the nose)
Melt the almond bark.
Dip Nutter Butter cookies in the bark; coat fully.
Place cookies on waxed paper.
While still wet, place red hots (if you are using those) on your reindeer, and then the pretzels… I dripped extra bark around the part of the pretzel that is being attached to the cookie so that they are more likely to stay on well. Once it dries, it works like a charm.
Allow to dry for about 30-60 minutes. When dry, add the gel eyes. (white first, with black on top)
Just be gentle with the little guys until it is time to consume them… the ears will break if dropped!

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mary voiles's picture

How does one form the reindeer head when the cookies are square?