Jessica Biel Loved Her Diet for 'New Year's Eve'

December 4, 2011

Jessica Biel admitted that she absolutely loved the diet she had to follow to prepare for her role in "New Year's Eve." In an interview with Graham Norton, the actress said, "It was so good! [I had a pregnant belly] suit that went from here to here [gestures across belly], I had the biggest boobs that hung to here, I ate whatever I wanted -- it was great!"

Jessica Biel added that getting in shape for a role through diet and exercise is typically the least fun part of her job. "You spend months and months training with crazy martial arts instructors and you're on crazy diets. It's the hardest experience because you're eating a lot of boring stuff -- chicken breasts and vegetables all the time. But it's cakes and pastas and bread and sandwiches and croissants [you crave] all the time, that's all you can think about."

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