Tim Tebow Inspires Another Fad

December 11, 2011

Today in things that are actually real: teboozing. Tim Tebow is a widely popular quarterback for the Denver Broncos. His open and frequent displays of religious devotion inspired a fad called Tebowing where the participant will drop to one knee and begin praying. 

Now, teboozing. Same process but you add some alcohol in one of the participants' hands. Apparently, this started as a drunken bet between friends. Shocked. A Brooklyn man named Peter Mishu is taking claim for inventing the new fad. 

"My friend at his apartment was obviously drinking and said, 'Let's take a funny drinking pic. And I got down on one knee with a bottle of Jack Daniels, posted it on Twitter and my friend in Knoxville replied immediately and said 'Teboozing,'" Mishu said. 

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how sadd

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Why is it "sad"? Just some guys goofing off.