Dolly Parton Loves Country Cooking

December 29, 2011

Dolly Parton is a country girl through and through, so it is no surprise that the singer loves food from the south. Parade Magazine recently interviewed Parton and found out what her own cooking specialty is. 

"Chicken and dumplings," Parton replied. "It’s all country cooking. I’ll bring my grits when I travel because I get so hungry on the road. I try to stay on my low-carb diet during the week, and then when I know I have a day off, I say, 'Make me a pan of corn bread.'”

When she's not on the road, Parton likes to spend her Sunday afternoons cooking with her husband or finding a nice picnic spot. 

"When I’m home, I spend Sunday with my husband. If we’re not cooking, we travel around in our camper, stop at fast-food restaurants, and picnic," she said. "We love that stuff that will harden your arteries in a hurry."

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