Mark Wahlberg Talks Wahlburgers TV Show

January 10, 2012

Mark Wahlberg recently opened a new Boston restaurant, Wahlburgers, with his brothers Paul and Donnie, and the partners have also set their sights on a reality TV show about the restaurant. According the Mark, the restaurant is the real deal and the process of getting their own show is well under way. 

"We've already shot a sizzle reel, and we're going out with it now. People will be surprised. It's not a gimmick. My brother Paul, the chef, is a super-talented guy, and the food is fantastic," Mark said. "You could open up a restaurant with a celebrity name or celebrity attachment and get them to come there, but the food is what gets them to come back. And our business continues to grow and grow, and we're selling 1,300 burgers a day -- and this is in a small town, not on the main road."

As for the actual restaurant, Mark says Wahlburgers, including a few of the items on the menu, is a reflection of his childhood with his brothers.

"The menu and the restaurant is more of a reflection of our upbringing and our childhood, growing up in Dorchester, so there is the 'Double Decker' and the 'Triple Decker,' like the house we lived in," Mark said. 

Would you watch a reality show about the Wahlberg brothers' restaurant? 

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Lorie's picture

Yeah, I would watch a reality show with the Wahlburgers. I had one of those "1300" burgers last week! And it was good!

Denise Watson's picture

Yes I would watch. I've been to Wahlburgers many many times and every time I go I try something different and every thing has been fantastic!! All the workers are so friendly and very helpful. They will help you with seating, carry your food for you. It's just a great place to go and eat and I think the show will be AWSOME!!!!

Britt Summetlin's picture

Absolutely! I think that would be great!! Hey I will be there's in May to celebrate my. Birthday. IF there is a show... maybe I could be a patron. ;-)

Rita 's picture

I would absolutely watch it. Never enough Wahlberg on tv for me.

Tonya's picture

I agree!

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Buttercup's picture

Yes, I'll love to see Wahlburgers reality show. Hopefully, be on regular channel. Cause, I don't have cable. As long Mark, Donnie & Paul will be on there every week, they show the reality tv.