Aromatic Citrus in Bitters and in a Cocktail

January 13, 2012

Photo: Warren Bobrow (Leica M8- 50mm Summicron F2)

Often times in the winter, my body just screams for the spark of citrus fruits

Toss out that flat tasting bottled juice in your fridge and reconnect with your inner chef! 

But how can you create a flavorful cocktail without stressing yourself out and running out of time?  It's easy when you have cocktail bitters on hand.

  I received some samples of Hella Bitter and set out to reinvent the classic cocktail named the Sazerac using their magnificent citrus bitter as my adjunct.  (thank you!)

The two bottles of Hella Bitters that I received are the Citrus and the Aromatic Bitter.  First, the Citrus is packed full of bitter citrus flavor- to make a Sazerac without this ingredient is like serving pancakes without maple syrup.  You just shouldn't do it!

Their Aromatic Bitter is like opening up a bottle of hand produced Absinthe and putting it directly to your nose and breathing in.  This is Absinthe on steroids!  I cannot wait to do an Aromatic Martini.  Hey! That's an idea for another day...

The history of the Sazerac is long- it's said to be the official cocktail of New Orleans!  This drink usually includes Rye Whiskey, Absinthe or Herbsaint

For my cocktail, however in the unique and inventive Cocktail Whisperer mode, I've chosen to twist things up a bit with the Hella Citrus Bitter, Freshly Squeezed Clementine juice, Lucid Absinthe and Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey.  Then, if my recipe isn't already twisted enough, I've added a good splash of Grade B Maple Syrup instead of the usual white sugar cube. 

I also used freshly squeezed juice made from Clementine oranges which are just perfect for this tiny drink.  They are a tiny citrus fruit packed with flavor!

I call this cocktail a Rabble Rouser.  It will bring garbled voices out of your inner self, and these are known to create a certain tension. 

This quiet noise could be described as being a Rabble Rouser in a crowded room. 

So without further interruptions, may I introduce the Rabble Rouser Cocktail.


Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

Lucid Absinthe

Hella Bitter (citrus)

Grade B Maple Syrup

Freshly squeezed Clementine juice

Giant Ice Cubes made in a very special ice cube tray from Williams-Sonoma

Clementine  Photo: Warren Bobrow (Leica M8- 50mm Summicron F2)


Slice the Clementine into chunks and force through a sieve to release their juices, or if you have need of a juicer I recommend the Breville..

Then, set aside and cool in the fridge

In a cocktail mixer fill 1/4 with ice

Add 2 shots of Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey

Add 1/2 shot of Lucid Absinthe

Add 4 oz. of the freshly squeezed Clementine juice

Add 4 shakes of the Citrus Bitter from Hella Bitter

Add a good splash- 1 Tablespoon of the Grade B (Dark Amber) Maple Syrup

If you can order it, try some Royal Rose Lavender Lemon Simple syrup, use just a splash.

Close cocktail shaker and shake briskly until a nice frost appears on the outside

Pour into a very small glass with one of your very large ice cubes and garnish with a round of Clementine

Sip to Friday the 13th! 

Photo: Warren Bobrow (Leica M8- 50mm Summicron F2)  NYC- Greenwich Village street Basketball Court




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Another brilliant creation…love the pictures! Keep up the great work :)