Fred Durst Live Blogs his 60-Day Juice Diet

January 13, 2012

Fred Durst started off the new year with a 60-day juice diet. He was so excited about his new regime that the rocker decided to chronicle his experience on Twitter and Tumblr with pictures and updates of his progress. 

Just a few days into the fast, it seems as though Durst is losing his motivation. After four days of no updates, Durst took to his Tumblr page to reveal that the fast is much harder than he had expected it to be. 

"This diet has been challenging to say the least," he wrote. "I haven't seen any significant results yet. That's why I haven't been very excited to post anything. I am about 2 lbs light[er] and definitely feeling better internally. My thoughts are clear and inspired, but I'm discouraged in some ways. I guess it's my own personal baggage that's lugging around behind me. All comes to the forefront on a diet like this."

Durst also told his followers that he plans to start a workout routine of heavy cardio and weight-lifting on Monday.