Nick Cannon Eats Healthy After Kidney Surgery

January 18, 2012

Nick Cannon is back on his feet after suffering mild kidney failure, but is not enjoying his new healthy diet. 

"I'm feeling good, I'm in the office, I'm grinding, the only thing that sucks is that I'm on the renal diet," Cannon said. "It's all about healthy living and fueling your system, but I don't get to eat the things I like to eat. You've got to stay hydrated and eat fruits and vegetables for breakfast." 

Cannon also said his breakfast is accompanied by oats, but not the sweet and tasty kind. "Not even the good oatmeal. Real oats, like horse-feed stuff -- but it's cool. I've got to start to love it." 

The silver lining in Cannon's new healthy diet is that he can still spice things up a bit. "Right now I'm still on the strict diet and I can't have any sodium, but as a couple of weeks go by and everything gets leveled out, then I can start having low sodium," he said. "I can still have Tabasco sauce, so I'm excited about that because I love hot sauce. I'll be putting Tabasco sauce on carrots, like, 'This tastes delicious!'"


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