Kirstie Alley Turns Cheers into a Ballroom

January 23, 2012

Kirstie Alley took a trip down memory lane by visiting Cheers in Boston, the very bar inspired by the hit TV show that made her famous. Rather than being behind the bar serving drinks, the actress was there to perform a Rumba. 

"This isn't a moneymaking thing... I just love to dance," Alley said. "I really got the bug. I don't care what kind of dancing it is." 

Apparently Alley made quite the appearance, and didn't even let the bar owners know she'd be coming in for a visit. When chef Fouad Hairoufe arrived at work that day, he had no idea who was causing such a ruckus. 

"I said to the front desk person, 'How did these people get in here?' and I was told, 'That's Kirstie Alley,'" Hairoufe said. "'Yeah,' I said, 'and I'm George Bush.'"

Alley's appearance was in part with her 100 Days of Dance challenge -- a campaign to help get people losing weight by dancing. 

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