Ricky Gervais Once Feared Death by Sausage

February 17, 2012

Sharp-tongued comedian Ricky Gervais recently admitted that he once feared that his love of sausages would kill him, incentivizing him to exercise and lose weight.

"It wasn't a vanity kick," the Golden Globes host explained. "It was a health kick. I'll tell you, the truth was it was Christmas. I was 48 a couple of Christmases ago. And I had 11 sausages. And I sat there feeling ill. The number of times I've said, 'I'm having a heart attack. I'm having a heart attack.' And I thought, 'You know what? Life is good. And I don't want to blow it. I don't want to go.'"

Gervais also said that he lost the weight not by dieting or avoiding alcohol, but through tough gym workouts. Another famous male who does plan to diet is Cee Lo Green; check out how he plans to do it here.

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