'Dance Moms' Beef Jerky Costume Channels Lady Gaga

March 7, 2012

Lady Gaga's meat dress may have met its match in the "Dance Moms" beef jerky costume little Chloe was forced to wear in the show's latest episode. Abby Lee Miller's sworn enemy, Cathy Nesbitt, hired Chloe to do a commercial for her husband's beef jerky company and had the poor girl don a nude bodysuit covered in beef jerky -- complete with a matching necklace.

In a bid to cheer up her crestfallen daughter, Christi told Chloe to treat it like any other acting job. When Christi and the other Dance Moms saw the finished product, they decided the whole thing was a ploy to embarrass Chloe. Watch the clip below -- what do you think?

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Angel's picture

I think it us appalling that Cathy would have such a mean mind to think that degrading a child is ever ok

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