Trainer and Nutritionist Share Jennifer Lopez Diet Secrets

March 9, 2012

Trainer, Grunnar Peterson, and nutritionist, Kelly Kaehler, are talking about all the ways people at home can get Jennifer Lopez's body. 

"Eat clean food as close to its natural state as possible," Kaehler said. "Leafy greens, fruits, some complex carbs, and adequate protein -- beef is fine if you want it, but I'd keep it only at once a week. And plenty of water! Start early with that and stay late!"

Kaehler adds that portion control is very important. "Follow a well-balanced diet with real food and practice good portion control. Have a healthy protein, fat, and complex carb with every meal." 

Peterson said no workout routine is complete without lots of cardio. 

"Cardio is a must, anywhere from 20 minutes a day to an hour. Just change it up and try different things -- like the elliptical, the bike, and the treadmill to more explosive moves like sprinting, the stairs, and plyometric exercises that will kick up the heart rate and demand that power."