Add Kashi To The Greenwashers List

April 24, 2012

Companies that have been listening to consumers, know that we want transparency in our food choices. We demand ingredients lists with no hidden agendas, and most of all don't lie! 

It seems simple. If you put it in the food, put it on the package. Unfortunately, instead of doing that, these companies have done the marketing research and tried to find ways to *sound* like they are invested in providing what consumers want, then spend their time and efforts crafting an image that fits. 

Take Kashi for example. Their ads are full of fresh faced young people, working hard to save the planet and provide wholesome foods to the masses. Sadly, they were hiding a dirty secret: GMO Soy and Pesticides. 

Thanks to Annie Haven,of Authentic Haven Brand, the maker of Moo Poo Tea, for sharing this photo with Foodista. We believe it is time to ask our trusted food providers what in the world they are thinking? 

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