Sriracha Lollipops Will Tickle Your Tastebuds

April 26, 2012

These Sriracha lollipops will surely bring the heat. They're made by Lollyphile, who promises to bring the taste of the Asian spicy condiment in pop form. The tongue-tickling treats are definitely a candy for adventurous eaters.

If Sriracha isn't your thing, Lollyphile has many other flavors that will satisfy your sweet (and spicy) tooth, including habanero tequila. For another sweet treat that's been intensified with Sriracha, check out these chocolate truffles.

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Rich Bon's picture

this article had me pumped up. I ordered a dozen of the sriracha pops on April 26th (paid a kings ransom, at just under $30 for the dozen.) Here it is, May 14th, and I have no idea when they will ship. I'm sure that they are good... I am just not sure that they will ever ship them.