Wines that Tame Spicy Hot Peppers

April 28, 2012

Nothing wrong with a cold beer to fan the flames of spicy hot peppers, but there are also some wines that can do the trick. For me, the key is a little bit of sweetness. Just like making a BBQ sauce, where you balance the spicy heat with brown sugar, honey, or molasses, a touch of sweetness in your glass can tamp down the burn of chiles and bring harmony to the dish (and in your mouth). An off-dry Riesling comes to mind, but I also think a sparkling wine would be lovely as well. Look for ones labeled "Extra Dry." Though puzzling and counterintuitive, "Brut" is the driest designation of sparkling wine and "Extra Dry" will be, um, less dry. You'll get a smidge of sweetness.

Want to fan the flames? Get more chiles!

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