Molecular Gastronomy Kits Teach You How To Become a Food Scientist

May 10, 2012

Molecular gastronomy starter kits from Molecule-R teach you how to become a mad food scientist.  Top chefs like Ferran Adria and Wylie Dufresne have popularized this cooking method with the use of exotic flavored foams and the spherification technique.  Now you can recreate many of those wily dishes in your own kitchen.

Agar-Agar, sodium alginate, xanthum gum are unlikely to be found at your local grocery store.  Each kit comes equipped with 50 individual sachets (10 of each chemical), an assortment of specialized molecular gastronomy tools, and a DVD featuring 50 recipes.  The Molecule-R kits begin at $59 with the option to purchase additional equipment and chemicals.



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