HogMaw Foggy Mnt Breakdown Cocktail

May 23, 2012

I received a sample bottle of Spodee the other day in the mail.  Hmm. Wine with a Kick the label reads.  What in my twisted mind could I conjure up.  Well, my pantry is just bursting with new flavors- diverse aromas and decidedly twisted ingredients.

Spodee has to be the most twisted of cocktail ingredients I've received in recent memory.  "Rolling in my sweet baby's arms" is crooning in the background.

I cannot get this Spodee stuff out of my brain!

I'm drinking this concoction of chocolate and wine and wondering, why me?  I know why.  It's delicious.  Beguiling. 

It calls out for my special talent.


The HogMaw Foggy Mnt Breakdown Cocktail is the amalgamation of a twisted dream I had last night.  I was down in Florida, at my family's former home on Biscayne Bay, Hibiscus Island to be exact. 

I was looking around in the pool house at our former home named Shangri La. My dream started with me looking in my grandfather's desk drawers for something. 

In the bottom drawer, unknown to me in my dream (as all strange dreams are to occur) was a well-chilled bottle of Spodee.  How did Spodee get down to Florida?  Why was it in the drawer at Shangri La? 

I haven't thought about my grandfather in years- certainly I don't dream about him any longer.

Maybe because I hadn't taken the time to taste Spodee yet?


It's raining again.  Flash flood warnings. Lightning and thunder outside.  The kind of weather that makes drinking rum woven into cocktails more than just a cocktail, but something that taps into the inner core.  That core of my dreams.

But Spodee?  How did that get into my dream?  And more importantly, how did Spodee make this cocktail so delicious?

Read on my friends for your enlightenment is just around the corner.


The HogMa Cocktail with utterly obliterate even the strongest drinker in your pod *The cocktail is known to souse at least three if not more strong hearted folks*


2 Shots Spodee (wine and shine if you are interested)

2 Shots Tenneyson Absinthe

2 Shots Appleton 12 Year Jamaican Rum

Ginger Syrup from Morris Kitchen in Brooklyn

Three Chili Syrup from Royal Rose in Brooklyn

Bitter End Curry Bitters

Grilled Orange Slices (Char grill orange rounds)

Coconut Water Ice (freeze an ice cube tray 1/2 coconut water and 1/2 ice water)


Muddle several orange slices with the syrups

1/4 fill mixing glass with regular ice

Add Liquors including Spodee

Shake and Strain into tall glasses filled with coconut water ice

Finish with two-three drops of Bitter End Curry Bitters

Garnish with a hunk of grilled orange