How Lisa Lampanelli Lost 25 Pounds

May 24, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice alum and funny lady Lisa Lampanelli recently lost 25 pounds and it all started when she decided to cut sugar out of her diet. Admitting that she hates exercise, Lampanelli says the weight-loss was mostly due to her new diet. 

"I eat tiny, tiny meals and stop when I'm not throwing up full," she said. "And I drink a ton of water, which at first I hated, but now I freakin' love."

Lampanelli also admitted that much of her diet inspiration came from her reality co-star, Bethenny Frankel. 

"Bethenny is right about a lot of her stuff, I have to admit. I love her," Lampanelli said. "I never thought I would like a girl that thin, but now I'm starting to like her. She's just like me in a skinny body. She says what she thinks and doesn't edit. That's what I'm about." 

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