Gordon Ramsay Offered $25,000 to Yell Profanities at Fan

May 31, 2012

Gordon Ramsay is well-known for his potty mouth, especially when caught in the kitchen while the cameras are rolling. It seems some of Ramsay's fans have grown to love the celebrity chef for his often loud and profane ways, as evident by one fan offering Ramsay $25,000 to call him a "f***ing donkey" on his birthday. 

"I was in Las Vegas recently and someone said, 'I'll pay you $500 to call me a f***ing donkey,' I said no," Ramsay said. "He goes: 'It's my birthday! Just scream at me! $5,000. Please!' He kept going up and up. I finally stopped him at something like 25 grand. I told him that when I get upset, it's for real." 

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