Michelle Pfeiffer Goes Vegan

June 4, 2012

Michelle Pfeiffer announced on Piers Morgan Tonight that she has adopted a vegan diet and credits the move to CNN's The Last Heart Attack, a special that examined plant-based diets as a way of treating heart conditions. 

The actress revealed she found hope in her new diet when she heard that Bill Clinton had managed to stick to his own plant-based diet. 

"Okay, Bill Clinton loves food, so there must be something to [veganism] that's making him stick to it," she said. "And also, he's smart, so he's not going to do something unless he really thinks there's some science behind it." 

Leading a healthier lifestyle isn't the only reason why Pfeiffer wanted to change her diet. "Vanity is right under there, but I have to say that it's a close second with wanting to live long." 

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