How to get yourself blissfully drunk. Without really trying!

June 15, 2012

I love the cocktail named the Sazerac.   The history of this venerable cocktail is pretty clearly defined.  Antoine Amedee Peychaud mixed Cognac with his Peychaud bitters and the drink was born, down in New Orleans, where cocktails were invented.  

It's pretty clear to me that the combination of Bourbon Whisky, Pechaud Bitters and Absinthe make for a dangerously easy to drink cocktail. 

I would agree.

However, most of  my drinks take a zig-zag approach in the opposite direction. 

There is a restaurant in New York City named Minetta Tavern.  One of my favorite things that they offer on their menu of cocktails is the Maple Leaf Sazerac.  It takes Maple Cordial, Rye Whisky, Pechaud Bitters and an Absinthe wash.  I like it.

In keeping with my twisted sensibilities I grabbed a bottle of Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon and a new (yet old) discovery: Mandarine Napoleon.  This orange and Cognac liqueur is just perfect for a Maple and Bourbon Sazerac of my own design.  I also like the darker flavors of Blackwell's Rum.  Rum and Bourbon you say?  Hey, I did say I'm twisted. 

Since a cocktail is supposed to make you hungry before dinner, I would have to say that the combination of spicy French oranges along with smoky Cognac and a hefty amount of Tenneyson Absinthe is a secret not yet spoken.  Some would just wash the glass with Absinthe.

I say get right in there and add some Absinthe.. And some more.  And then, some more. 

Mandarine Napoleon is just fabulous with Four Roses. The caramelized flavors of orange and the toasty oak of the Cognac melt right into your subconscious.  I add with the Pechaud Bitters and couple drops of the Bitter End Thai Bitters. 

This is spicy stuff, perfect for a trip to the country- if you are traveling to New Orleans- a perfect fit. 

The Blackwell Rum is old timey rum from Jamaica.  It's gorgeous and lush.  I'm sipping on this cocktail right now and the world has just become a much warmer place.  Hmmm.  Absinthe, Bourbon, Rum, Orange and Cognac.. What are you doing to me??????

If you were try making this cocktail at home all you need are a couple of the ingredients.  Heck, you don't even need ice!

You can mix one in your car or on a picnic blanket.

It's easy!

Mandarine Napoleon all but disappeared from the marketplace a couple of years ago.  The intervention of new money and the old recipe spells one word: Delicious and unforgettable.  Ok, two words.

I call it the Dynamite Cocktail after the song of the same name by the New Orleans Owls who were very popular during the 1920's.

Ingredients for two mind bending trips to the dark side.

1 Shot of Tenneyson Absinthe

1/2 Shot of Mandarine Napoleon

1/2 Shot of Blackwell's Rum from Jamaica

1 Shot of Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon

1/4 Shot of Dark Amber Maple Syrup

Grilled orange slices (grill rounds of orange over a charcoal grill about 4 minutes each side until charred)

Pechaud Bitters

Bitter End Thai Bitters

Seltzer Water Splash


Muddle one grilled orange round per drink, then....

To a cocktail shaker filled 1/4 with ice and the muddled orange add:

The Tenneyson Absinthe

The Blackwell Rum

The Four Roses Bourbon

The Maple Syrup


Two or three shakes of the Peychaud Bitters per drink

3 Drops of Bitter End Thai Bitters per drink

Shake and garnish with an orange zest and a little bit more of the Mandarine Napoleon over the top to taste!

Finish with some seltzer water over the top to bring up the aromatics and some fizz

Danger Level Five out of Five!!!  DANGER DANGER DANGER! 


You won't taste a thing!

Photo: Warren Bobrow  Leica M8, Summicron 50, F2