Larry Hagman is on a Vegan Diet

June 15, 2012

After being diagnosed with cancer, Dallas actor Larry Hagman went on a vegan diet. It was his co-star Linda Gray who suggested he make the switch. 

"When I was diagnosed, Ms. Gray said, 'Well you've got to be a vegan now.' I said, 'Are you kidding?' She says, 'No it'll help you. It'll get rid of all those steroids with meats and turkey and chicken and beef and stuff and it'll cleanse your body," Hagman said.

Grey helped Hagman find a personal chef who makes sure the actor follows his new diet.

"So [Gray] got me a chef named Nancy Anderson who knows more about vegan diets than anybody in the world I've ever met," Hagman said. "She put me on this diet. I drink these diet things and they're kale and spinach and cucumber."

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Welcome to the vegan family, Larry. I am sure he will reap the benefits and live a healthy, long life.