Lemon Buttermilk Sherbet with Roasted Strawberries from Soho House

June 22, 2012

Pastry Chef Dolores Munoz from Soho House shares a recipe for one of her favorite summertime desserts.  Tart homemade buttermilk sherbet is paired with a complex roasted strawberry sauce.  The buttermilk sherbet is flavored with lemon juice and zest and agave syrup (instead of sugar) and churned in an ice cream maker.  Ice cream maker are now widely available and can be purchased for approximately $50.  The roasted strawberry sauce is versatile and absoloutely dynamite with the sherbet.  You can also pour it over a piece of cake or if a craving calls, simply eat it on it's own.


Lemon Buttermilk Sherbet:
Yields: about 1 qt

3 c       Buttermilk
3/4 c    agave syrup
2 each     medium size lemons, juice and zest
Pinch of salt

With a whisk, combine all ingredients together until well blended.  Chill the mixture in the fridge for at least 2 hours.  Pour the chilled mixture into ice cream machine and churn.  Transfer sherbet into a plastic container, cover with plastic wrap and keep in freezer until ready to use.

Roasted Strawberries:
2 pints             Harry’s Berries strawberries, stems off
3/4 c                sugar
1/4 c                sweet Vermouth (Dolin)
1 ea                 vanilla bean, seeds scrape

Set oven at 400 F.

In a hotel pan, combine the strawberries, sugar, Vermouth, water and vanilla.

Place the pan in the oven, on the top rack and roast for 5 minutes.   Toss the strawberries by shaking the pan back and forth and roast another 5 minutes. 

Roast the berries until the juice is bubbling and it has become syrupy.  If the strawberries get some color, it’s ok, the berries will look more pretty once they are served.

Cool and keep at room temperature.

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