Italian Wake-Up Call: Caffe Affogato

June 24, 2012

Italians know their dessert and one of the simplest is caffe affogato.  A scoop of vanilla gelato is drowned is fresh hot espresso.  The best part comes when the gelato begins to melt and mix with the espresso to create a creamy coffee sauce.  This dessert can easily be turned into a cocktail with the addition of a shot of amaretto, a almond flavored liqueur.  Caffe affogato is so quick and easy, you'll be making it all summer long.

Caffe Affogato


1 Very cold glass dish
1 scoop of Vanilla Bean Gelato (about 3- 4 oz)
1 shot of Espresso
1 spoon Optional- A touch of Unsweetened Whipped Heavy Cream


Place your dish in the freezer for 5 minutes.

Place the scoop of Gelato in the chilled glass.

Return to the freezer for 15 minutes.

Minutes before the Gelato is hardened, pull a shot of espresso.

Let it cool while you wait until the full 15 minutes is up. (this will probably only be a couple minutes after pulling the shot)

If you will be serving with whipped cream, go ahead and whip up some heavy cream while you wait.

Remove the Gelato from the freezer and anoint it with the warm espresso.

Top with the whipped cream and dig in with your spoon.

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