Russell Simmons Wants Milk Banned in NYC

June 26, 2012

Russell Simmons has spoken out in favor of New York City's impending soda ban, adding that milk should be banned as well. Simmons wrote a letter to NYC's healthy commissioner, Dr. Thomas Farley, on behalf of PETA to say that the ban should also include dairy products. 

"A 2005 nationwide study led by a Harvard Medical School researcher showed that children who drank more than three 8-ounce servings of cow's milk per day were 35 percent more likely to become overweight than kids who drank only one or two servings (or a maximum of 16 ounces) per day," Simmons wrote. "The study also found that replacing soda with cow's milk, which is loaded with artery clogging cholesterol, provided no weight-loss benefit -- none. In light of this information, my friends at PETA and I urge you to include cow's milk and other dairy-based drinks in your proposed beverage regulations." 

What do you think of New York City's soda ban? Do you think dairy should be included in the ban? 

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High Voltage's picture

We absolutely support Bloomberg's proposed band on over-sized sugary drinks like soda, sports drinks, etc. SUGAR IS THIS DECADES TOBACCO and we need to take a stand. MODERATION is the key to everything in life, but if you don't believe this, look around -- MAJORITY of people are overweight!!

We just launched a THUMBS DOWN to SODA! campaign, would love EVERYONE to participate. #choose2besugarfree

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WOW...whats next? a fcking curfew?

Fallopia Tuba's picture

I absolutely agree with Russell and applaud him for making this statement.

Guess what? Cow's milk is a hormonal-delivery system; it's the perfect food for baby cows ONLY. It has no place in the human diet, since the milk is intended for the newborn calf--NOT human consumers. It contains casomorphin—nature's own opiate—to keep calves from rejecting their mothers' milk.

Humans pervert this by concentrating the milk ten times into cheese. Have you ever seen a person tell you "I just love cheeeese..." and get the look of a junkie while they're saying it?

Milk is NOT a natural--except for calves.