Fizzies for a HEAT WAVE

June 29, 2012

I love fizzies.  The way the bubbles pulse over my tongue.  Some sharp, others softer yet more insistent. The slippery elements of sweet to dry and back again.  I like the little jabs of fizzy liquids that crisply slakes my thirst.  I love sodas and mixers that treat my tongue to a little dance, often with alacrity!

Fizzies are thirst quenchers and they are cocktail mixers too.  I really dislike those drink guns that dispense candy water. Don't care for them at all!

Why not use something fresh and refreshing in your next drink on the rocks? 

And when I say on the rocks, I like my ice made with water from my Mavea Pitcher.  Why?  Because the water freezes clear.  No minerals in my ice to muck up the parade grounds.

My intention is to use those really large ice cubes from my silicon Williams-Sonoma KING Ice cube tray.  They are pure and lovely in my glass, melting very slowly.  MMMMM.

Mixers they must stand up to more powerful liquors and as thirst quenchers they must not have too much sugar to spoil the party.   I don't care for corn syrup soda.

Sitting in front of me right now are several chilled cans of Perrier Sparkling Natural Spring Water.

I think what makes these cans so inviting are their very modern shape.  They remind me of little cans of Japanese Iced Coffee. 

You know, the ones that have 10 packs of sugar, cream and impossibly delicious coffee?

The Perrier product on the other hand does not contain sugar or cream- or even coffee!  The containers are designed cleanly and crisply.  I love how cold they get in my fridge and because they are only 8.45 fluid ounces, they go down in a hurry.  Perfect to slip into your pocket or your purse.

The Perrier Pink Grapefruit is a trip to the South of France without a plane ticket.  This is a  fizzy water that slakes my thirst and creates a feeling of cool over my whole body.   The flavorings are natural and this little can in my hand contains no sugar. 

One of the things that I like to do with them is take a couple sips to lower the level a bit and then I add about 1/2 shot of Aviation Gin. 

Why Aviation Gin?  Because it is made for Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Water!  There is a certain style and sophistication with this little can sitting in my hand.  And because it is a solid can, you can hide the fact that you are drinking a very spiked vessel of fizzy water!  VERY DANGEROUS!!!

Please be careful.  The fizzy water with Pink Grapefruit goes down oh, so easily.  You really must try it with Aviation Gin with its natural citrus elements.  I hope the Perrier Natural Spring Water sends me a bunch more to play around with..  Have I thanked my friend Laura Baddish lately?  Thank you Laura!  wb


Perrier Natural Sparkling Water and Aviation Gin are just made for each other.  It's just gorgeous and effervescent on your tongue.  A class act.


Those little cans are so beautiful as a design element.  I'm a really big fan!


Cock n' Bull is the most unlikely name for a Ginger Beer.  But as luck would have it, I love Ginger Beer.  Some of my favorite ways to enjoy it are the most unexpected.  This Ginger Beer is made with all natural ingredients.  Sure there is Ginger in there.  Of course there is.  Plus the addition of pure cane sugar.  No corn syrup sodas for me thank you.  I think what I enjoy most about this Ginger Beer is the spiciness of the Ginger.  It's gorgeous in the mouth. Truly staccato.  Chill down a couple of bottles.  Of course you can do the tried and true way of enjoying Ginger Beer- with dark Rum...  But I really like to twist it up a bit. 

They've been making Cock n' Bull Ginger Beer since 1946!

Their lable says zippy and zingy...  I think it screams out for Cachaca or even Bourbon!  There is something truly lovely about Four Roses Bourbon with Cock n' Bull Ginger Beer.   The Cachaca that I chose for this cocktail was Cabana Cachaca.  It has a gorgeous lush nose of freshly cut sugar cane.  Double Distilled, the aromatics of Sugar Cane just stand up for recognition on your tongue.  The fizzy soda is in the background, yet not forgotten in any way.  I want one right now.

I love the spicy quality of this Ginger Beer. 

It's also just fabulous with Tenneyson Absinthe in a twisted take on the classic Dark n' Stormy. 

I call it an Impressionist's Sailor Cocktail


1 VERY CHILLED bottle of Cock n' Bull Ginger Beer

1 Shot of Tenneyson Absinthe

1 Shot  Cabana Cachaca

Grilled Pineapple chunks

Pickled Ginger slices

1/2 Shot of Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey

Four Drops of Arizona Bitters Works Mexican Mole' Bitters


Muddle a couple slices of pickled ginger with a couple chunks of grilled pineapple

Add 1 Shot of Tenneyson Absinthe

Add 1 Shot of the Cabana Cachaca

Add 1/2 Shot of Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey

Add Four drops of the Arizona Bitters Works Mexican Mole' Bitters

Add Ice

Shake and strain into a tall Collins Glass

Top with the Cock n' Bull Ginger Beer and garnish with a hunk of grilled pineapple 

Makes about two really strong drinks!

DANGER LEVEL 5 out of 5!  Danger! Danger!

Cover photo shot with the classic Leica M8 Digital Rangefinder camera with the venerable 50mm Summicron F2 by Warren Bobrow