Food Recall: Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts

July 9, 2012

We can't make this stuff up. 

Arctic Zero Inc. of Escondido, Ca. has recalled pints and chocolate dipped bars produced before February of 2012, due to undeclared milk allergen. 

After February 2012, the product label included an appropriate statement on the label. 

From the recall: 


The Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts products were sold in 8 varieties of 16 ounce pints as follows:

  • Chocolate (UPC:  8-52244-00300-8)
  • Vanilla Maple (UPC:  8-52244-00306-0)
  • Mint Chocolate Cookie (UPC:  8-52244-00304-6)
  • Cookies and Cream (UPC:  8-52244-00303-9)
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter (UPC:  8-52244-00301-5)
  • Coffee (UPC:  8-52244-00302-2)
  • Strawberry (UPC:  8-52244-00305-3)
  • Pumpkin Spice (UPC:  8-52244-00307-7)

Product codes and manufacture dates are located at the bottom of the pints.

The Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts products were also sold in 2 varieties of 4 pack chocolate dipped bars as follows: 

  • Strawberry and Orange Cream (UPC:  8-52244-00309-1)
  • Chocolate and Vanilla (UPC:  8-52244-00308-4)

Product codes and manufacture dates are located on the right side of the front panel of the boxes.

The products were distributed nationwide and sold at retailers including:  Whole Foods, Publix, Sprouts, Winn Dixie, Independent Natural and Grocery Stores.


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Colin's picture

I just tried to buy some of this stuff and it came up "restricted" and the grocery store wouldn't sell it to me but they didn't know why they couldn't. So I come home thinking I am going do die from the last 2 pints I ate recently. I look up the recall to see this site and am now angry that I couldn't buy it because of a typo....

Sheri's picture

I got scared too but all is well now! I think the pops are sensational and HOPE HOPE HOPE that they have only 85 calories, which seems IMPOSSIBLE but I am going along with it! Great stuff. There is only ONE store in my town that has them and that's a shame because it would be nice to be able to buy them everywhere!