Pinterest Board of the Week: Curious Condiments and Dispensers

July 20, 2012

In honor of July being National Horseradish Month, we thought we would visit one of our more unusual Foodista Pinterest boards, Curious Condiments and Dispensers. Perhaps most bizarre is the spice offering Salt Made from Tears, where the producers proudly boast five tempting choices. There's Salt Made from Tears Shed While Chopping Onions and while Sneezing. There's also Salt Made from Tears of Laughter, Sorrow and Anger. If Star Wars is more up your alley, check out the R2-D2 condiment dispenser or the Salt and Pepper bots. Whatever your interests, you won't be bored with this board.

Do you have a condiment or dispenser themed Pinterest board? If so, comment on one of our similarly themed pins with the link so we can check it out!

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