A Julia Child 100th Birthday inspired Mocktail and a Cocktail

August 1, 2012

Every time I go to Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans I learn something about flavor. 

Perhaps this is because my young palate is not as "Road Worn" as some of my peers.  My discovery period has certainly increased to a fever pitch. 

Add to this steaming broth of pleasurable flavors this simple fact, I haven't been writing about cocktails for very long, but what I have been doing is getting much attention from my peers!

The Ginger Mint Julep pictured above is a landmark mural on the side of one of New Orleans's historic buildings down by the Mississippi River.  The flavor of mint, ginger and Rye Whiskey sit up and say to me, create something unique!!

I had much fun wandering the streets- during the daylight hours this time, taking pictures


The imagery in my brain is still swirling around, sending off little bursts of inspiration, most liquid in nature!

Thank you to the many who have guided me in my quest to become the very best I can be in this business of cocktailian pleasure. 

Mavea makes a most wonderful water pitcher.  I was sent a couple of them to play around with, to create things with the ice that freezes like to other.  Down at Tales the ice was of the highest quality, especially the cold-draft ice. 

But I didn't see any ice made from water filtered through a Mavea?

At Williams-Sonoma where I teach cooking in the Short Hills, NJ store, we always use the Mavea water filtration pitcher for making coffee and for general drinking purposes. 

What the Mavea does with the unique filtration system, makes water whole.

I should have imbibed more water during Tales.  That is for certain. 

If I brought my compact sized Mavea pitcher with me, I could have guaranteed one thing from my week, pure water to drink!

The Ginger Mint Julep Cocktail Whisperer Style

Snap (USDA Certified Organic Ginger Snap Liquor- 80 proof)

Amrut (Old Port, Indian Rum)  Made with Indian Sugarcane!

Royal Rose Cardamom and Clove Simple Syrup

Bitter End Curry Bitters

Fresh Mint


Muddle the mint with about four tablespoons of the Royal Rose Simple Syrup of Cardamom/Clove (Exotic!!)

Add 1 Shot of Snap

Add 1 Shot of Old Port Rum

Add 5 Drops of Bitter End Curry Bitters

Add a handful of fresh ice made with water from the Mavea pitcher

Shake hard until the shaker is quite frosted

Serve in short glasses with more Mavea Pitcher Water Ice

Garnish with fresh mint



The Grande Dame of Cooking is celebrating (Posthumously) her 100th birthday on August 15th.  It's hard to fathom that Julia Child is not amongst us any longer. 

Julia revolutionized television cooking, just as Clementine Paddleford revolutionized food writing in her day with only a Piper Cub for a companion!

Angosoda Cocktail Recipe


 Several ice cubes

1 dash Angostura Bitters

1 slice lime

6 oz Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

In a large, handsome, stemmed glass, place several cubes of ice made with water from your Mavea "inspired water" Pitcher

Dash on a few drops of Angostura Bitters.

Add a slice of lime

Fill with the Perrier Sparkling Natural Water.

 This recipe yields 1 Mocktail.


Thanks to Laura Baddish for the idea!