Matthew McConaughey Cooks Steak for Wife While on Extreme Diet

September 1, 2012

Matthew McConaughey has been looking like a shell of his usual self while losing weight for an upcoming movie role. The actor says he is on a very strict diet but that hasn't stopped him from cooking a steak meal for his wife, Camila Alves. 

"I'm playing a guy who is sick in my new movie so I need to lose muscle mass," he said. "I'm doing a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. I eat small amounts -- only five ounces." 

But when his pregnant wife is having a craving, McConaughey will still cook her a nice meal. 

"But I'm doing a lot of cooking for Camila. She loves a good steak so I've been making rib-eye for her when I can." 

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