Fran Drescher is a Gluten-Free Vegan

September 16, 2012

Fran Drescher is now following a gluten-free vegan diet. The actress revealed on The Wendy Williams Show that her new regime has helped her lose weight and feel re-energized. 

"It was tough going, I wasn't able to knock off that kind of weight in years," Drescher said. "I just decided that I wasn't feeling well... and I went to a bunch of doctors, and everybody had different prescriptions for all my symptoms and I just decided, 'No more, I'm gonna do alternative. I'm gonna switch up my act, eat differently, clean up my act. And so I cut out alcohol... so that went, and I became gluten-free and vegan." 

Drescher added that cutting alcohol from her diet has also helped improve her skin. 

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