Alton Brown Shares Weight Loss Tips

November 3, 2012

Alton Brown lost 50 pounds a few years back and has managed to keep the weight off while continuing to work in the food industry, a feat he says was not easy. However, Brown manages to stay in shape by following a few of his own simple rules.

"Never sit down to a meal really hungry, because if you sit down really hungry, by the time your brain even realizes you've eaten, you've cleared a plate twice the size of what you needed," Brown said. "You've got to learn that there's such a thing as a spoonful of ice cream. I wouldn't have believed that at one time. To me, a Ben and Jerry's carton was a single serving."

There are, however, still a few things Alton doesn't allow himself to indulge in. One being Girl Scout cookies. "I can't have one," he said. "If you break the tube, you eat the tube."

Brown adds that he also doesn't drink milk because "it made me eat Girl Scout cookies."

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